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Staff Directory


District Office
Mr. Glenn Grieshaber Superintendent Ext 201
Mrs. Kathie Bruce Secretary Ext 200
Mrs Maureen Mann Accounts Payable Ext 203
School Office
Mrs. Lisa Skelly Principal Ext 206
Ms. Denise Nero Director of Student Services Ext 263
Mrs. Judy Iovinelli Secretary Ext 208
Mrs Sherri Zentner Health Aide Ext 204
Mrs. Ana Raimondi Receptionist         Ext 202
Teachers and Teachers' Assistants
Ms. Laura Rzewnicki Kindergarten Ext 224
Ms. Janyt Ruiz  Kindergarten Ext. 205
Mrs. Katie Ellis Kindergarten Ext 240

Ms. Anisa Chohan   


Ext 253

Ms. Meagan Naidnur

First Grade

Ext 234

Mrs Dea Lanzito First Grade Ext 233
Mrs. Cheryl Wrobel First Grade Ext 235
Mrs. Katie Brown Second Grade Ext 265
Ms. Joanna Raabe Second Grade Ext 242
Mrs Carolyn Wolf Second Grade Ext 247
Mrs Virginia Sharwell Second Grade

Ext 236

Mrs. Ashley McCarthy Third Grade Ext 243
Mrs Karen Maize Third Grade Ext 249
Mrs Gina Siracusa Third Grade Ext 250
Mrs. Anastasia Durante Fourth Grade Ext 228
Ms. Adrianna Gonzalez Fourth Grade Ext 246
Ms Kathy Hebel Fourth Grade Ext 269
Mrs Renee Wilson Fifth Grade Ext 279
Mrs Julie Diedenhofen Fifth Grade Ext 273
Mrs Kari Gbur Fifth Grade Ext 276
Katie Medvec Sixth Grade Ext 245
Ms Jacqueline Susek Sixth Grade Ext 244
Mrs Maryellen Burns JH Language Arts Ext 238
Ms. Lauren Ivack JH Science Ext 226
Mrs Jenny Turocy Junior High and Primary PE Ext 281
Mr. Thomas Wermers Sixth Grade/JH Language Arts Ext 248 & Ext 270
Mr Peter Jockl JH Social Studies Ext 280
Mrs Debbie FitzGerald JH Math Ext 237
Mrs. Alicia Przybyszewski ELL Ext 255
Mrs. Romana Klimek-Gagor ELL Director Ext 254
Ms Malgorzata Brodowska ELL Ext 232
Ms Francesca Scaletta ELL Ext 260
Ms. Jinette Gootee ELL Ext 
Mrs. Rosa Mercado ELL Assistant Ext 255
Mrs. Renee Sanders CCORE Ext 277
Mrs. Dana Obrzut CCORE Assistant Ext 277
Mrs Cheryl Wrobel CCORE Ext 251
Mrs. Virginia Wyda CCORE Assistant Ext 251
Mrs Andrea Gorski CCORE Ext 239
Ms. Noelia  Cabrera CCORE Assistant Ext 239
Ms. Shannon Bono Title I Ext 253
Mrs. Olga Farrowe Special Education Ext 271
Ms. Jessica Chmura Special Education Ext 210
Ms. Candace Current Special Education Ext 219
Ms. Jessica Myrda Special Education Ext 282
Ms. Sharon Loftus Special Education Ext 256
Ms. Mary Fleming Speech Ext 217
Ms.Jenny Biegel Social Worker Ext 231
Mrs. Lori Langridge Music Teacher Ext. 221
Mr Scott Rudnick Band Director Ext 222
Mrs. Deanna O'Connell JH Health and JH PE Ext 218 & Ext 205
Mr. John Soulias Physical Education Ext 262
Mrs. Jessica Montalbano Fine Arts Ext 227
Mrs. Leslie Tackes LRC/Technology Director Ext 216
Mrs .Laura Cullum LRC/Technology Support Ext 220
Mrs. Kathy Loconti LRC/Technology Support Ext 220
Custodial Staff
Mr Nino Makula Head Custodian Ext 213
Mr. Ron Loconti Custodian  
Mr. Alex Hoffmann Custodian  
Mr. Jim Sandnes Custodian  
Ms. Melana Weber Custodian  
Mr. Steven Siwicki Custodian  
Lunchroom and Playground Staff
Mrs. Mary Ann Suba Lunchroom Supervisor Ext 266
Mrs. Renee Roulo Lunchroom Assistant Ext 266
Mrs. Cheryl Lutzow Lunchroom Assistant Ext 266

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