Ms. Burns



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Burns

  Welcome to 2018-19!  We have an exciting year ahead of us! 

This begins my 20th year at River Grove School!  I have a bachelors degree from Barat College in Lake Forest, IL.  My Master's degree is from Northeastern Illinois University.  Overall, I have taught for 26 years.  At RGS, I teach Language Arts, but I have also taught Social Studies and music.

  I have many hobbies.  They include watching the Cubs, working in my garden, and cooking.  When my batteries are low, I read!  Reading revitalizes me more than anything.  Growing up, my grandfather and I used to read and discuss books.  Together we read over 300 books during sixth through eighth grades.   My father was a naval veteran who was a voracious reader.  Through him, I garnered a love of reading historical fiction.  When I was young, my father had a library with over 500 books in it.  It was my favorite room in the house.

  Another activity I greatly enjoy is spending time with my dog, Tuco.  Tuco is a Phantom Standard Poodle.  A Phantom is a multi-colored (technically, parti-poodle) poodle.  Tuco is mostly black, but he has white, tan, gray, and brown throughout his body.  Tuco loves to run, swim, and hike.  We spend many hours together at the forest preserve and walking around our neighborhood.

   Outside of reading, my favorite language activity is studying and teaching grammar!!  One of our family activities is practicing grammar!  That might explain a lot about me!