• Welcome to the Media Center at River Grove School

    8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
    Media Center Director
    Mrs. Leslie Tackes
    (847) 437-3116
     Mrs. Tackes
    Media Center Aide

    Mrs. Laura Cullum
    (847) 437-3120
    Mrs. Cullum
    Media Center Aide

    Mrs. Kathy Loconti
    (847) 437-3129
    Mrs. Loconti
    Media Center Rules of Conduct:

    1. Students must follow all school rules when visiting the Media Center. Act in a RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, and SAFE way.

    2. All materials must be checked out of the Media Center at the circulation desk.

    3. The Media Center will maintain an atmosphere conducive to reading and learning. Please speak with a quiet voice.

    4. Students are responsible for the books that they borrow. Any books that are lost or damaged must be paid for before borrowing privileges are restored.

    5. Students are responsible for picking up after themselves. At the end of each period, students should pick up scrap paper, push chairs under tables and return all books that have not been checked out to the book cart or return bin.

    6. Eating, drinking, and chewing gum are not permitted in the Media Center.

    7. If you need help, always remember to ask.

    Computer Use:

    • Students must abide by the River Grove School Acceptable Use Policy.

    • School computers are to be used for school-related work only. (Yes, always!)

    Any student who abuses these rules may lose his/her privilege to check out books or use school computers or use the Media Center for a period of time determined by the Media Center Director.

    Book Care Rules:

    1. Keep books away from food or drinks.

    2. Wash hands before reading a book.

    3. Take care in using a book and report all damages to the Media Center Staff for proper fixing.

    4. Use a book mark for saving your place in a book. Never use a pencil as a bookmark. Turn pages carefully.

    5. Keep books dry at all times. On rainy days be sure books are in back packs.

    6. Have a special place at home for your library books.

    7. Do not draw or write in books.

    8. Keep books away from babies or pets.