• Welcome to River Grove School! This webpage contains all of the information needed to enroll at River Grove School.

    If you have recently moved into River Grove and wish to attend River Grove School for the remainder of the current school year or the next school year, please call the school office at 708-453-6172.


    Residency Verification and Registration Requirements for the 2024 - 2025 School Year


    All new and returning students are required to provide proof of residency as the first step in the registration process each school year. Thank you to all of you who already brought in your documents. River Grove School is now accepting appointments for returning students in grades 1-8. Please see here to schedule an appointment to come into the school office this month. 


    The following is a list of required documents that you must bring with you:


    • Parent/Guardian’s photo identification (driver’s license, state id, passport)

    • At least one of the following documents (Category A):

      • Current Signed lease/Updated lease (Must be current prior to August 2024)

      • Most recent real estate tax bill (2024)

      • Current mortgage/title/deed document or payment

      • Residency Affidavit Form (Notarized)

    • At least two of the following documents (Category B):

      • Utility bill (gas, electric, cable, water/sewer, telephone)

      • Vehicle registration 

      • Current paycheck stub

      • Current bank statement

      • Public aid card                     

      • Medicaid card                

      • Food stamp card                

      • City sticker receipt              


    Please bring all required documents with you. We will not be able to process your residency application without having all of the required documentation. As a reminder, River Grove School partners with National Investigations, an outside investigation company, to assist in verifying residency.


    If you have any questions, please call the school office at (708) 453-6172. 

    Students entering the following grades at River Grove School for the first time must have the required forms listed below:



    Medical Health Form


    Kindergarten/ New Students

    Medical Health Form

    Dental Exam Form

    Eye Exam Form completed by optometrist or ophthalmologist


    Second Grade

    Dental Exam Form


    Sixth Grade

    Medical Health Form

    Dental Exam Form


    Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade Sports Participants

    Sports Physical and Concussion Form


    For your convenience, we are attaching electronic copies of our forms:


    Residency Requirements

    Residency Affidavit 

    Health Exam Form

    Dental  Exam Form 

    Eye Exam Form 

    Emergency & Self Administration of Medication

    Prescription Medication Authorization