• I couldn't be more excited to be in junior high social studies this year. The students have helped make my transition an easy one. We will cover a wide range of topics this year in geography, history, and current events. Seventh graders begin with a Colonial America unit and then move into our biggest challenge of the year....the Constitution test! We will discuss the Illinois Constitution and western expansion in the middle of the year and finish our journey with the Civil War.

    Eighth graders are old pros with the Constitution because we will whip through that review and head into the Industrial Revolution at the turn of the century. Other units include World War I and World War II, and we finish the year with the Cold War Era and the War on Terror. 

    HIstory was always my favorite subject in school, and I am thrilled to be teaching it at River Grove School.

    "We study history so that we can know the past; engage in the present; and impact the future." -Author Unknown