• Policy room 203-Mrs. Gorski/Ms. Wyda

    Aug 2018


    There is a great deal of transitions that occur in this room.  Multiple students across 4 grade levels all on differing schedules is chaotic.               I manage the classroom.  Not the students!!!  The student should come into room 203 prepared to try their best and act with safety, responsibility and respect.  He or she does not have the right to prevent other students from a safe and respectful learning environment.  RESPECT to all is expected!


    There are some fundamental rules EVERYONE needs to follow

    1.  Follow teacher(adult) directions -show respect
    2.  Enter room quietly and go straight to your desk  -show respect and be safe
    3.  Come prepared -be responsible
    4. Remain in your seat; ask permission to get up-show respect and be safe
    5.   Do not turn around and attempt to engage others in talk- respect the privacy of other students; they may not want to talk to you -show respect
    6.   Do not make noises with any part of your body -show respect
    7. Do not respond to behaviors that others do - be responsible
    8.   Do all work when assigned -be responsible
      **student work will be accepted up to one week late but not for full credit.  An assignment that is  1 or 2 days late will lose 1 point; an assignment that is 3 or 4 days late will lose 2 points and 5 days will lose 3 points.  


    On a daily/ individual basis consequences will be applied by teacher (adult)
    On a daily/ individual basis rewards will be given by teacher (adult)

    Do your part to be a positive factor in room 203 so we can all have a successful school year!!



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