• Mrs. Howard


    Kindergarten-2nd Grade Special Education


    Room 216





    Bloomz App

    Please connect with me and other school groups using the Bloomz app.  It is important that all families use Bloomz. It will be used for communication.


    Your child should come to school with their folder every day. I sometimes send notes home in your child’s folder to communicate with you. Please feel free to send a note to me in your child’s folder as well.

    Weekly Newsletter:

    I will send home a newsletter on Fridays in your child’s folder. In the newsletter I will share information with you.  You will also find important reminders or tips for helping your child at home.


    If your child is signed up to ride the bus, I will always put him or her on the bus unless you notify me! You must send a note to school, call me, or e-mail me if there is a change in how your child will get home. In case of an emergency, call the school office and they will notify me.

    Absences, Tardiness and Leaving Early:

    Please email attendance@rivergroveschool.org to notify the school of your child’s absence. If your child is tardy, you must accompany your child to the school office to get a late pass. If you plan on picking up your child early, please go to the school office to sign them out. If you let me know ahead of time, I will try to have them ready to go for you!


    Your child will receive homework. If there is ever a question or concern about homework, please contact me.


    In our classroom we love to celebrate birthdays. The children are very excited to wear their birthday crown and be celebrated for the day! River Grove School no longer allows edible birthday treats to be brought to the classroom. If you would like your child to bring something to share with the class, please bring non-edible gifts like pencils, stickers, erasers, etc.


    We have snack every afternoon in our classroom. Snack is very important for keeping the children energized throughout the afternoon so they can participate and learn. Every month a snack calendar will be sent home. On the snack calendar you will see that your child will be assigned a day to bring in snack for the entire class. Snack suggestions include apples, bananas, pretzels, crackers, raisins, cereal, carrot sticks, granola bars, etc. Please look for the snack calendar every month so that you can be prepared for your child’s snack day! We are a NUT FREE classroom so please do not send food that contains nuts, peanuts, tree nuts, peanut butter, etc.

    Extra Clothes:

    Please send an extra pair of pants, underwear, socks, and a shirt in case of accidents.

     Our Daily Schedule and Activities

     Our day starts at 8:25am. Please do your best to have your child at school on time every day ready to learn! A full night’s sleep and a good breakfast are both necessary to have your child ready for kindergarten. We do many different things in our classroom every week! Here is an overview of what we do:

     Class Meeting: We learn about the calendar, the date, days of the week, months, weather, patterns, graphs, and other math concepts. 

    Phonemic Awareness/Phonics: Phonemic awareness and Phonics activities include learning the letters and their sounds, working on rhyming words, and beginning and ending sounds.

    Writing: We will work on sounding out our words, making complete sentences, using sight words in our writing, and matching our illustrations to our words.

    Reading: We work on learning reading strategies to help us become better readers. We also develop our love for books! We read books, poems, and songs.

    Centers: Centers is a time when students rotate through activities where they can practice a variety of skills. Centers can include writing, reading, play-dough, computers, building, puzzles, games, etc.

    Math: During our math time we focus on basic number skills, addition, subtraction, comparisons, shapes, patterns, graphing, and much more!

    Science: We will explore various science topics throughout the school year.

    Social Studies: During social studies we learn about ourselves, our families, our community, our country, and our world!

     Here are some of our special classes:

    Physical Education: We have PE class every day. Please make sure your child has gym shoes everyday so that he or she can participate.

    Art Class: We have art class every week.

    Music Class: We have music class every week.

    Media Center Class: We have media center class every week. The students are read stories and then allowed to check out one book from the library. This opportunity gives your child some responsibility in taking care of a book and returning it to the school. If a book is lost you will have to pay for it.