What is Bloomz?

  • Bloomz app logo River Grove School has adopted the Bloomz communication app as a district standard. This school year your child(ren)’s teacher will use Bloomz to share classroom activities and events, photos, conference sign-ups, and more.

    Students and families involved with athletics, band, choir, after school clubs or other programs will also use Bloomz to communicate.

    Bloomz is a free app for parents that allows you to quickly and easily communicate with teachers using your native language. Parents will receive an email from their child(ren)’s teachers with information on how to join classes. All families are added to the River Grove School group and will see all announcements and events for the school.

    Additional information on the features of Bloomz and how to use the app can be found using the links to the left. The video below provides an overview of Bloomz.

    We are excited to use Bloomz across the school and hope you enjoy the streamlined system for communication.

    Get it on Google Playlink      Available on the App Store link