• Welcome to Mrs. Schar's Classroom, Room 202

    6th Grade Homeroom, 6th Grade ELA, 8th Grade ELA 

    Let's make our classroom a welcoming, safe, and comfortable space for us to learn! This will help us all be successful and reach our goals for the year!

    Classroom Rules and Expectations 

    • Be Respectful
      • raise your hand to share, be polite, listen to others, keep your hands to yourself, keep the classroom and your space clean, appreciate school property
    • Be Responsible 
      • do your homework, come prepared to class, be on time, report unsafe or unkind behavior
    • Do Your Best 
      • listen to directions, stay on task, pay attention, participate, be proactive about learning, ask questions, believe in yourself
    • Be Kind 
      • help and include others, smile, stick up for others, always use your best manners