• The Teaching & Learning Department facilitates the review, adoption, and implementation of the K-8 curriculum. In addition, the department is responsible for the delivery of professional development, which supports teachers in planning and delivering instruction that ensures the academic growth of our students.  

    The department coordinates the following aspects of teaching and learning:


    Core and supplemental curricular materials are what teachers utilize to instruct students and support their individual needs and are aligned to the Common Core State Standards.  A formal process is followed each time new curricular materials are reviewed for adoption.  The process entails a trial period, or pilot, in which the teacher has the opportunity to use the potential curricular materials with students.   After the pilot, teachers will assess the quality and rigor of the materials and provide a recommendation to the Teaching & Learning Department regarding the adoption of the materials for use. 


    The Teaching & Learning Department provides support to teachers in their use of research-based strategies, which are used to deliver the curriculum to students. This support is provided in the form of professional development opportunities and targeted feedback that encourages  teachers’ reflective practice.

    Professional Development
    Teachers engage in professional development to strengthen their teaching practices and ensure the delivery of high-quality instruction. The Teaching & Learning Department plans, coordinates, and facilitates this delivery.


    Students participate in assessments during their school year in order to determine if they are mastering grade level standards and expectations. The Teaching & Learning Department supports assessment planning, as well as the analysis of the data in order to assist teachers in making plans for students, including advanced students and those needing extra support during or after the school day.