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Interscholastic Team Rules

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Interscholastic Team Rules


Practice: (Typically)

  1. Length: 3:30-5:30 pm.  All students will be ready to leave the building by 5:30 pm.
  2. Practice time on half days will be determined by each individual coach.


  1. All team members must go to and from games on the school bus.  However, parents may sign their child out at the conclusion of the contest and then become the parent’s responsibility.
  2. A student may bring a note signed from their parent giving them permission to leave with another team member’s parent.
  3. Regular bus conduct and behavior rules described in the Student Handbook apply when using the bus for athletic games/practices.

Attendance Policy:

  1. Generally, students absent from school are not allowed to participate in practices or games.  However, the coach has the prerogative to make exceptions if a valid excuse is given. Exceptions to the above rule include:
    1. Doctor/Dentist Appointment
    2. Wake/Funeral
    3. Parental contact made to the school nurse and student attends school for a minimum of three class periods

*Administration has authority to overrule coaches’ decision.


        2. The coach will determine when absences from practices/games are considered as excused or unexcused.


Unexcused absences: This includes any absence that the coach was not aware of prior to the practice or a game. Ex. babysitting, lack of transportation, etc.

Excused absences: This includes any absence that the coach is made aware of by a parent prior to the practice or a game.  The parent must communicate to the coach in the form of a note, e-mail, or phone call.


         3. Procedure for “Unexcused Absences” (practices or games)

    1. First = one game suspension and parents are contacted
    2. Second = one week suspension from the team (5 school days)
    3. Third = Removal from team. Principal notified.


  1. Team members are expected to follow the school rules as described in the school handbook.
  2. Serious or frequent misconduct in school, or at other schools, will result in suspension or removal from the team.  The Principal and coach will both be involved in this decision.
  3. Any player who participates in negative interactions on any social media platform will be consequenced with no less than a one game suspension.
  4. Any player who receives 3 detentions or any type of in/out of school suspension during the season will be removed from the team.


  • Practice/Game day: Cannot attend or participate in practice/game.

Academic/Quiet Lunch:

  • Allowed 1 Quiet Lunch earned per week
  • Procedure for 2 or more Quiet lunch detentions:
    • First = 1 game suspension
    • Second = 1 week suspension from practices/games (5 school days)
    • Third = Removal from team. Principal notified.   


  1. River Grove School has established academic standards for our student athletes.  These standards have been established to reinforce the importance of schoolwork and to help our students learn to balance the priorities of school life.  These eligibility standards will be discussed with your child.
    1. Students must maintain an overall C average
    2. Students may not be failing (F average) in any subject area

The grades of our student athletes will be reviewed on a weekly basis.  Students not meeting the eligibility requirements will be suspended from all team activities for one week.  If a student returns to good academic standing at the end of the week he/she will be reinstated.  If not, a second week of suspension will be issued.  Students that do not become eligible after a second week suspension will be removed from the team.  The player will not be allowed to participate in or act as a spectator at any game.  The period of ineligibility is a time that is to be utilized to focus on improving grade(s).

     1st week ineligible = one week suspension from team

    2nd week ineligible = additional one week suspension team

    3rd week ineligible = removed from team


      3. Students are expected to be prepared for Physical Education class every day.  Any student athlete that is marked unprepared is ineligible for that day to participate in any athletic game/practice.



  1. Team uniforms will be distributed to team players by the coach prior to the first game.
  2. A player is responsible for maintaining his/her uniform in good condition.
  3. The uniform is only to be worn during school athletic contests and washed according to the instructions inside the uniform.
  4. Players are responsible to return the uniform to the coach following the final game of the season.  A replacement cost could be assessed.
  5. It is the player’s responsibility to bring his/her uniform to school on game days.  A replacement uniform will not be issued.

Athletic Fee:

  1. Each player is required to pay an Activity Fee to help defray the program costs.
  2. The fee for each extra-curricular activity is $50.00 and will be capped at $150.00 per student participating in three or more activities.
  3. A payment schedule may be arranged by contacting the coach.
  4. This fee must be paid in full by the half way point of the season.  Each coach will determine the date based on the season.
  5. Failure to pay this fee by the determined date may result in not being able to participate.

The rules have been discussed and explain by the coach with the players.  Please read and review these team rules with your son/daughter to ensure clear communication.  Have your child return the slip below.  The coaching staff and myself are looking forward to working with you and your child in the development and improvement of his/her athletic skills.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions/concerns.


Mrs. Jenny Turocy

Athletic Director

River Grove School


***We will work with your child fairly.  We have a definite set of guidelines which we follow.  We will always work with your child directly.  Playing time is not a reward for being a member of the team.  Playing time is never awarded solely on the basis of a coach’s personal likes or dislikes.  This is not an intramural league, but a very competitive league.  Playing time depends upon the progress of the game and match-ups with the opposing players. Your child has been informed that there may be situations when the coaches will not play everyone.  Just as a classroom teacher needs your support to bring out the best in your child, we also look for your help in this area.